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Manchester Web Design

Est. 2003
SE Research Manchester Background

Web Designer in Manchester - Website Design Agency South Manchester

Examples of our Web Designs

Do you need a brand new website for your business?

If you have been looking for a Manchester web designer, and maybe this is your first new website build venture, no problem at all, we can work with you to choose a great domain name, source the perfect images and bring together all the relevant copy you'll need to describe your service Don't worry, we do all the hard work for you, from registration of domains to hosting and email addresses. You simply won't have to lift a finger or learn anything technical which you don't want to. We can suggest page designs for you, and you can contribute to the look and feel of your web design as much or as little as you deem necessary.

Are you looking to update your existing web design, whether or not you are in Manchester?

Whether you are Manchester based or further afield, we can update existing old web designs with modern designs and functionality. This is often needed as technology quickly becomes dated and businesses grow. Other reasons include outdated images, mobile responsive design requirements, web hosting costs too high and many more - including when the site simply "doesn't work" anymore.

Web and Design Services

Digital Marketing

We can help you formulate a digital marketing strategy using social media and the search engines, along with local and national directory listings, to get the results you need.

Responsive Web Design

All of our web design companies layouts are mobile responsive, which means your business displays will scale on any device the website is being viewed on.

Low Prices

We are proud to provide web design services at incredibly low prices, in-fact you're unlikely to find cheaper design and programming anywhere else, including from other web developers in Manchester or even other web design agencies. (From £199.99 + £3.99 per month hosting and email)

Company Branding

We can help develop your company brand through the website, or integrate any existing branding (such as graphic design) into your new web design.

Beautiful Web Designs

Using your own photography or even with a selection of low cost stock images, your website will be beautiful to look at and will professionally showcase your business.


Sell your products in Manchester and beyond with a custom e-commerce solution or an off the shelf standard package.

Manchester Web Design and Web Based Systems

Bespoke Web Designs

If you are looking for something custom designed and developed, which allows you to operate over the internet as well as simply giving information to your prospective customers, then we can help. Using the latest technologies, we can build custom web design systems which include process flow / workflow, e commerce website shopping facilities, administration functions, reporting - the list is endless.

Manchester based SEO digital marketing services

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an essential part of any business web design and digital marketing should be considered in detail by the developer and design agency from the project outset. We can optimise all of the on-page ranking factor elements to give your design the best chance of beating the competition in search listings. Moving forward, we can perform off-page tasks such as attaining backlinks for your domain, this constitutes a large percentage of the overall project of getting a website to rank high.
Examples of our Web Systems in Manchester and other regions

Our Web Design Process

Our website design agency in Manchester can provide custom web systems

What we do.....

First and foremost you and your team tell us in brief what you hope to achieve with your website and we listen and go to work. Once the overall requirements have been established, we can focus in on the details together. The level of complexity of the design process is determined by the level of complexity of the web design and code functionality. For basic information based websites which showcase your business, consisting of around 5 to 10 pages and based on our experience, this process may only take a digital agency a day - or less. Where ecommerce systems, payments processing, stock management and server side administration is required, the design process will include the cyclic creation of a full system specification based on detailed business systems analysis of existing processes and document flow. This will take as long as it takes until you are certain we have everything covered. We therefore cater for every level for web design Manchester from entry displays to full UK e-commerce solutions.

The design of your web site pages.

We can make initial prototype layouts for your pages using a combination of our own web design skills along with your collaboration and input / provision of images and copy. Nothing is set in stone with any given website design until you say so, whatever you need, we can provide. Our level of input into the look and feel of your web design can be as much or as little as you want. This is important, as you may want us to convey an existing offline brand and design, rather than start afresh with something completely new. Bear in mind that as Manchester web designers, we'll do a great job, as our business website design success is based on your success!
Contact us to get the ball rolling - our phone number is 0161 217 9324
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Web Design Agency Philosophy

Graphics and Animation

Often, website designers will work to use excess CSS in their clients user interfaces which results in features such as graphics bouncing across the display. We feel our web design creativity is best placed addressing visitors and visitor conversion to customer via sales and leads, rather than having options and colours popping up which we feel lessen the quality of the development, may irritate the audience and provide no real value to the project. In our industry experience, we feel that in the real world people could be put off brands by too much of this approach. Many developers and coders have fallen into the trap of coding because they can, not because they should! The result of writing projects in this method may also have a negative impact on performance on certain devices. Rankings and web traffic are often hard won, so we feel a companies time is best spent on good copywriting rather than animated graphics hopping about!

Developing a Business Website

We like to think that a business website should be developed by a digital agency to convey expertise within its field, whilst also providing the cleanest and most efficient way of doing business. We approach the project with a minimal but highly functional design for the website design and build, so that the customer has to perform the least number of clicks via the user interface to get to their goal, this in turn provides the best user experience.

Honesty and Transparency

Being aware of the market is essential for all web design agency companies. We are aware that very often clients of other agencies are sold on promises which cannot be met. Any discussions we have will be open and honest, we will not (for example) be telling a client that beating some of the largest e-commerce companies in the world on a search engine results page is a realistic target!

Websites, Search Engines and Content Management Systems (CMS)

In our experience, one of the common questions we are asked by people is - Will I or my team be able to change my website whenever I want to? The answer to this question is not as simple as it might seem, there are a range of options. Website pages and their content (especially the copy) is carefully crafted in a way which enables the search engines to understand what it's about. Enabling website owners, with no knowledge of search engine optimisation techniques and web design, to make changes to text, graphics, images, headings, titles and other elements will lead to loss of rankings in most cases. Lost rankings results in lost traffic and business in some cases. CMS (arguably the most popular software is WordPress) allow business owners full flexibilty in administering the website content. In essence, the more you let our Manchester web design agency handle changes for you, the less chance there is of ranking loss, making content changes yourself has an increased chance of ranking loss and even search engine penalties. The decision to edit indexed web page content should be made carefully, some web design Manchester agencies will not consider this important, whereas we at Photon Flux of web design Manchester do.

Customer Service

It's easy to get in touch, we can be contacted by our customers by a phone call during normal work hours. For website hosting emergency service - any time.