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We Focus on the Tech

While you focus on your business


Grow Your Business

We welcome enquiries from people in all walks of life and all businesses (large or small) and professions.   Whatever your area of expertise, we can produce a website (see the new design site) which gets your message and your business out there.  So if you think the time is right for getting online, or if you are upgrading your existing older style website, simply click on our Contact Us button and get in touch for an informal chat about your requirements.
Websites for all business and trades
There are very few businesses which do not benefit from having their own website, so whether you simply need to showcase your company and services or take online orders, we can provide the solution.

Your Vision, Your Style

Would you like us to help you turn your vision into reality? There are an infinite number of ways to present your message to the world.  Our philosphy is 'you know best'.  With this in mind we are Design Adaptive, meaning that whatever your vision, we will implement.  This applies to ALL business types and sizes, from local shops, restaurants, trades and the self-employed,  information sites or e-commerce.
Services web design stockport
If you need advice on a way forward for the design - we can offer guidance for you to consider. Take a Travel website for example, we can style it with flat icons or custom buttons and stunning photos, or anything in between - you get the picture ......... the choice is yours.

Getting More Customers

A Website Needs Visitors to Survive ... Search Engines (such as Google) require certain parameters to be present within the pages of a website.  In addition to this, amongst other factors, the wording of your descriptive text is very important if it's going to help you rank higher for relevant search terms.  With over 15 years of SEO experience, we can ensure your site contains the required 'on-page' items.
Stockport Cheshire SEO and site software
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an ongoing process, we can advise on which areas require attention for your specific business to achieve the best results - WITHOUT leading you up the garden path!

Save Money on Web Hosting

Paying Too Much? ... Many small businesses are paying far too much in hosting fees.  All of our clients subscribe to our hosting for just £3.99 per month, this covers the vast majority of web designs - even those requiring product databases.  Lots of people stay with their old web host through habit or have concerns that they can't move for technical reasons.
Website hosting at a low price
If you're upgrading your website to a more modern design - then now is the time to make that move and SAVE MONEY.
Technology We Use.
We appreciate (fully) that not everyone has an interest in the technology used to produce the web's latest creations (you can see our new website here which explains more), however, for those who are curious to find out what goes on under the bonnet, here is a list of the main development components.
PHP development in stockport manchester
PHP scripts run on the server in the background, whilst your visitors get on with what they are doing.
CSS in the website for the styling
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are implemented to provide your site with the styling you specify.
Websites html5 Romiley Stockport Cheshire
HTML is the tag based language which is used to provide the overall layout of a given webpage.
Javascript for interactive websites
JavaScript is the power behind interactive functionality on your site, handling all user actions.
SQL for database access
MySQL is the widely used database language which handles storage and retrieval of data at lightning speed.
Realtime design with AJAX
AJAX is the method used to transfer data in realtime between the browser and the server.
Using Jquery makes development faster
Using JQuery allows us to create tight, highly cross browser compatible front end code in record time.
JSON Data Transfers
When information is passed between two programming languages, JSON is used as the standard recognised format.
Contact us to get the ball rolling - our phone number is 0161 217 9324
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